5 Things I Learned, Read or Experienced: BradAronson.com, 13-Year Old Curing Hiccups, Omnicom Panel, When Motherhood Never Happens and ROSES!

This past week was an amazing one.  I’d like to share what I learned, read and experienced.

  • This week I had the privilege of sitting down with Brad Aronson over coffee to talk shop.  I walked away with sound advice and a skip in my step.  I am an avid reader of Brad Aronson’s blog: bradaronson.com.  He provides wonderful ideas for entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers.  Like all good communicators, Brad outlines his insights in an easy-to-digest manner but what makes his blog truly unique is the touching human element he intertwines with his professional advice.  I like all his posts, but this one in particular illustrates that human touch: How a Frosty Strengthened My Marriage:  http://www.bradaronson.com/how-a-frosty-strengthened-my-marriage/

Please share Brad’s posts with others or subscribe to his blog. We need to support and celebrate leaders like Brad.

  • Since going out on my own, I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs.  Many are graduates of some of the best undergraduate and graduate schools in the nation.   Their business ideas or product offerings involve “the cloud” or mobile technology, things that, to less tech savvy folks, would be considered complicated. However, last week I read this story about a 13- year-old girl and her dad who believe they might have invented a cure for hiccups.  Yes, the hiccups!  This story is just fun and hopefully makes you smile.  http://www.businessinsider.com/meet-13-year-old-ceo-who-invented-a-cure-for-hiccups-2012-5
  • On Thursday an old colleague of mine invited me to the 2012 Omnicom Philadelphia Showcase. The topic was Mobile Monetization and there were a number of Agencies represented with people from all over the US.  Usually I find these kinds of panels a bit dull but Omnicom did it right.  Thanks again to my TPG pals for the invitation and the spectacular view from the Comcast Center:

  • Today is Mothers Day and to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrate. You deserve it!  To those women who are not mothers, I thought you might enjoy this post.  It was shared with me on Facebook. As more and more of my gal pals either choose not have kids or, due to biology, run out of time to have their own kids, this topic has become more and more the focus of conversation. http://jezebel.com/5908514/when-motherhood-never-happens
  • Last but not least, Roses!  I’ve always loved roses. I love their fragrance and I love their beauty.  I just love them.  The down side of roses is that I feel like they are here today and then gone tomorrow.  Attached are just a couple of photos of roses growing in my neighborhood that I thought you might enjoy.

If you like this blog post please feel free to share it with others.  If you’ve read or experienced something interesting this last week, tell me about it. I’m listening.


I look forward to hearing from you

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